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Top Swiss Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse Replica Watches

1968 Geneva famous watch factory Patek Philippe launched Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse replica watches series, it uses both round and square, non-round non-square shape. In short, Golden Ellipse combines the advantages of two shapes, and the case of the length and breadth ratio is just 1.618033988 ..., fully consistent with the mysterious golden section definition, that is, the sum of the length of two long and a ratio, just Is equal to the ratio of the longer and the shorter. In 450 BC, Hippasus of the Greek mathematician Metapontum City first described this proportion when analyzing pentagonal patterns, and found a "irrational number" (which could not be expressed in fractional form, and after the decimal point There are infinitely many digits). The results show that the construction industry and the nature of people seem very harmonious in many forms, it is fully consistent with the golden ratio. This proportion is soon called the sacred proportion, is still one of the most magical natural and cultural phenomena.

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Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse Caliber 240 Ultra-thin mechanical self-winding movement Dial: 18K gold sunburst with Blue Gold center 12 applied baton markers in 18K white gold Baton hands in 18K white gold Case: 950 platinum, sapphire-crystal glass und satin-finished platinum back, water resistant to 30 meters, diamond of approx. 0.02 ct. between the lugs at 6 o'clock Strap: Shiny navy blue alligator 15-mm Golden Ellipse prong buckle in platinum.If you have enough money to buy a watch like this is a good choice, but if you are not enough money I would like to replica watch is your paradise, Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse replica watches is not only cheap and exquisite workmanship, travel time precision, using the best movement to create. For more information on replica watches, click on "read more" to enter our online store and have any questions to contact customer service at any time.

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