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Patek Philippe Geneve Sky Moon replcia watches In the fall of 2000, Patek Philippe launched a truly unique pocket watch - Star Caliber 2000. This design brings together 21 complex functions represent an unusual technology and aesthetic innovation, causing the watch industry sensation. Automatic watch for the first time in the dial on the first accurate display, including the activities of the stars and moon phase, including changes in celestial bodies.

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A year later, Patek Philippe once again applied this design to a watch called Sky Moon. They modified the mechanism used by Star Caliber 2000 and loaded 686 parts into a limited watch case. Patek Philippe Geneve Sky Moon replcia watches is full of intensity and light on the back of the watch. Moon phase profit and loss and other stars to the two respectively by the sapphire crystal glass cover. The celestial figure of the invention is always "confined" to the back of the watch body. Many collectors began to ask Patek Philippe to put the celestial figure on the front of the watch.Want to know more about replica watches can access our online mall. Patek Philippe Sky Moon technical point of view, this masterpiece only in the mature mechanism of rapid development conditions to complete. In the Patek Philippe Patek Philippe designers and the Geneva Observatory experts work closely with the celestial movement was able to achieve such a precise degree. we offer the finest quality Patek Philippe replica watches.Come and pick a favorite watch you have, have any questions you can contact customer service, we are happy to serve you

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