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TAG Heuer, is the leader in prestigious sports watches and chronographs since 1860, has written some of the most important chapters in Swiss Watchmaking history.His first watchmaking workshop was located in St-Imier, in the Swiss Jura region. The company soon built a reputation for quality workmanship and precision timekeeping.From the first patent for a chronograph mechanism in 1882 to the release of the Monaco V4 a revolutionary timepiece which is the first tourbillon to be driven by belts.1980s and 1990s. Ferrari chose Tag Heuer as the official timekeeper of Team Ferrari form 1971 to 1979. It was also the official timekeeper of the Moscow Olympics in 1980. In 1990, the company was also official timekeeper of both F1 Formula and FIS World Cup.Tag-Heuer replica watches

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TAG Heuer were the first watch brand to partner with racing drivers and a F1 team and to create luxurious chronographs with a precision of 1/10th, 1/100th, 1/1’000th and 1/10’000th of a second. Ground breaking and innovative, TAG Heuer boasts some of the world's most glamorous celebrities as brand ambassadors, ensuring it is internationally recognised and sought after.Today, Tag Heuer has been the preferred replica brand for many of the top talents in the sports industry. The brand continues to be steadfast in its commitment towards innovation, precision and durability. If you buy a replica Replica TAG Heuer watches onlion in our store is a very elegant accessory for men and women.We offer high quality Tag-Heuer replica watches.Interested in clicking "read more" to enter our online mall to see more information about Tag-Heuer replica watches.

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