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Patek Philippe Celestial Replica Watches platinum case, automatic winding movement, blue star dial, moon phase, moon and trajectory and Sirius display, and can show Sirius and the moon transit time. "Celestial" astronomical concept was born in Patek Philippe in 1933 should be a customer's request and made a contains 24 kinds of complex functions pocket watch. Until 1989, with 33 features of the Caliber89 pocket watch after the launch, after Caliber89 was called the most complex feature watch.

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Patek Philippe Celestial watch, super complex automatic movement, you can imagine the stars wearing wrist on it? This star-shaped watch unique special astrological function, the blue circle dial will be able to enjoy the Geneva sky chart, as well as the golden moon running trajectory, 6 o'clock arranged the moon phase function, with a large pointer display date, accompanied by blue crocodile Belt, full of noble.

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