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Top Swiss Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time Replica Watches

Swiss watch has been able to dominate the watch industry, in addition to the Swiss manufacture of watches and clocks, good quality, there is a reason that they provide a very rich watch category, dozens of features, many craft and design watches, readily available.Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time Replica Watches. As the name suggests is travel watches, in the first half of the last century, travel or travel clock is very popular, these watches have a feature that is very portable, and generally have to protect the shell, some shell design is very interesting, The popular pocket watch is completely different. With the gradual emergence of watches, as well as the world's cross-time business travel increasingly prosperous, time zone watches become a new demand

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Modern Patek Philippe dual time zone watch the emergence of the 5034 by the introduction of the 1990s, compared to 2597 is different, with a 215 movement, dial 24 hours to increase the show, still follow a separate second time zone pointer, and 8,10 Point of the adjustment button. However, the 5034 has been replaced soon - 5134,5134 Calatrava series with a very classic gentleman design style, and 5034 completely different shell type, as Patek Philippe Travel Time replica watches. 5134 completely inherited 5034 features and disk design, but more symmetrical and elegant case makes it more popular, finfish second time zone adjustment button and the case arc fusion, very natural, shell more symmetrical, Gold polished Arabic numerals are very beautiful time, also equipped with 215/156 movement.

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